MEGA PACK 2021 (Mobile + Desktop Lightroom Presets)

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We carefully selected some of our top-performing Presets and put them in one single Premium Lightroom Preset MEGA PACK 2021.


 This is an ultimate Preset collection, which has Presets for any occasion. Get all your Presets in One Pack.






✓ 20 Best-Selling Preset collections
✓ 250+ Separate Mobile & Desktop Presets
Instant Download
Compatible with the FREE Lightroom Mobile App
Works on all devices
Turns everyday mobile photos into PRO within seconds
Easy to use. You don't need professional knowledge for editing photos.
Lifetime purchase protection



1. Beach Blogger Mobile & Desktop Presets (3 Mobile .DNG + 3 Desktop .XMP)

Vivid colors and lighter tones, so they are perfect for enhancing your photos of the sea, sky and beaches taken during the summer months.


2. Blue Lagoon Mobile & Desktop Presets (1 Mobile .DNG + 1 Desktop .XMP)

Designed to transform your beachy vacation photos with one simple click and bring moody vibes with hints of warm summer tones.


3. Bright Mom Mobile & Desktop Presets (1 Mobile .DNG + 1 Desktop .XMP)

Light and pastel pink pictures will brighten the background in your photos and soften the skin tones.


4. Cactus Mobile & Desktop Presets (4 Mobile .DNG + 4 Desktop .XMP)

Enhance the greens and keep all the greens in your feed consistent.


5. Cali Mobile & Desktop Presets (2 Mobile .DNG + 2 Desktop .XMP)

Add beautiful pink tones, create warm and atmospheric lights, beautiful evening and summer skies. Inspired by California.


6. Choco Moco Mobile & Desktop Presets (4 Mobile .DNG + 4 Desktop .XMP)

Uniquely brings out the warmth of the captured moment, making even the simplest shot look like a cinematic scene. Warm tones. Cozy feel.


7. Dark Shades Mobile & Desktop Presets (11 Mobile .DNG + 11 Desktop .XMP)

Dark. Refined. Masculine. Men’s lifestyle Presets focus on deep orange tones and high contrast images.


8. Deep Toned Wedding Mobile & Desktop Presets (11 Mobile .DNG + 11 Desktop .XMP)

These Presets will enhance your wedding photos and give them that popular and attractive dark and moody look.


9. Eat Me Raw Mobile & Desktop Presets (5 Mobile .DNG + 5 Desktop .XMP)

Will brighten and enhance all those delicious colors & tones to make your food photos look mouth-watering.


10. Fairytale Mobile & Desktop Presets (1 Mobile .DNG + 1 Desktop .XMP)

These Presets will add vibrant tones, tans, and sharp edges. They will brighten your pictures and enhance your skin color tones.


11. Fashion Week Mobile & Desktop Presets (7 Mobile .DNG + 7 Desktop .XMP)

Fashion Week Lightroom Preset collection was specifically designed for fashion portraits. It stylishly enhances colors by adding pink violet tones and a soft matte finish.


12. Fashionista Mobile & Desktop Presets (4 Mobile .DNG + 4 Desktop .XMP)

These Presets highlight clothing elements, accessories and several style attributes. They do wonders on skin tones, too.


13. Forest Mobile & Desktop Presets (15 Mobile .DNG + 15 Desktop .XMP)

The main focus is deep and soft green and blue color tones to make those dreamy forest photos.


14. Greece Mobile & Desktop Presets (4 Mobile .DNG + 4 Desktop .XMP)

This Preset collection was inspired by beautiful scenery of Greece. It accentuates deep blues and bright whites to get that clean, beautiful Greece infused look.


15. Kakava Mobile & Desktop Presets (16 Mobile .DNG + 16 Desktop .XMP)

Gives your images a modern warm film look. It will give your feed a more cohesive look with a vintage film feel and added warm tones.


16. Lipstic Mobile & Desktop Presets (7 Mobile .DNG + 7 Desktop .XMP)

Capture every moment in bright pink tones to create stunning photos. Perfect choice for giving a stylish, fresh look to your makeup photos. 


17. Magic Christmas Mobile & Desktop Presets (13 Mobile .DNG + 13 Desktop .XMP)

This beautiful Christmas Lightroom Preset bundle gives your holiday photos a warm and festive feel. It is inspired by those warm, moody, cozy holiday Instagram themes.


18. Magic Weddings Mobile & Desktop Presets (15 Mobile .DNG + 15 Desktop .XMP)

This Preset pack adds a cozy touch, warm balance, clarity and brown and white tones to your photos.


19. Sweet Vanilla Mobile & Desktop Presets (4 Mobile .DNG + 4 Desktop .XMP)

This Preset bundle gives an overall ethereal feel that is visually more captivating and fresh. It has a unique surreal appeal that makes the photographed scene appear like it came straight from a dream.


20. Travel Blogger Mobile & Desktop Presets (4 Mobile .DNG + 4 Desktop .XMP)

These Presets will edit your photos with a classic and fresh look, giving that professional and cohesive touch to your shots.





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We care about our clients. Our goal is to help you ASAP. Write to us via web chat or send us an email to and we'll be happy to help!



We care about our clients. Our goal is to help you ASAP. Write to us via web chat or send us an email to and we'll be happy to help!


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